Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

heading off to the hay festival

Edit: Click here for full festival report and photos!!

Tomorrow's a BIG DAY for me because I get to spend an hour hanging out on the Starlight Stage at the Hay Festival with two of my favourite writers, Geraldine McCaughrean and Candy Gourlay! My other two events are sold out (one with Anne Cottringer and a solo event), but I think there are still a few places left if you want to come hear us talk at 4pm!

Candy's a dear friend, and I first went to hear Geraldine speak a few years ago when I fell in love with her book The White Darkness. Both books we'll be featuring, Candy's Tall Story and Geraldine's Pull Out All the Stops!, start with big natural disasters: earthquakes and flooding. There's very funny scene in Geraldine's book where the inhabitants of a rag-tag showboat entertain a family that's stuck on top of their house and recite to them a totally made-up news gazette. So I've drawn the three of us entertaining ourselves on a roof. I hope we don't get a real flood but I bought some new wellies for the festival field, just in case.
Tags: festivals, gourlay, hay, mccaughrean

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