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friendly squid attack

Another big happy birthday wish to my fab studio matey, Lauren O'Farrell (aka Deadlyknitshade)!

This is Lauren's giant squid, Plarchie, knitted (or plarched?) from loads of shredded orange shopping bags and on display in London's Natural History Museum. Plarchie even has his own squidsy blog!

Gosh, I am SOOO rubbish at birthdays. I knew it was Gary's birthday yesterday, but I forgot and missed it by today. Then I spent today wishing him happy birthday when it was already Lauren's birthday. AND I bought Gary a six-pack of alcohol-free beer by accident. So if it's anyone else's birthday and I have missed it or given you some totally inappropriate object which you take to be a birthday gift, please, please don't take it personally!

And while we're discussing studio mates, our other studio matey Ellen Lindner has been planning a comics event for this Monday at Orbital Comics in London, as part of the International Alternative Comics Festival. Come at 7pm to hear Paul Gravett talk about Stripburger, one of Europe's most influential comics collective, based in Slovenia.
And then on Thurs the 9th, our excellent friend David O'Connell (and my co-writer/co-illustrator on my current picture book) will give an amusing look at his Queen Mum comics, not to be missed! 6:30-8... Actually, there's so much going on that you really should just go visit the International Alternative Comics Festival website.

I might try to stop by the The Vintage Fair tomorrow (Saturday) after I finish my events in Birmingham; could be good. (Thanks, comics creator Lizz Lunney, for the tip!)


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Jun. 5th, 2011 09:46 pm (UTC)
I do not have enough tentacles to describe how much I love this in a fitting manner. Best pic ever ever EVER! :)

Hugz xxxx
Jun. 5th, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
Re: *hearts*
Yay, glad you like it! :D Catch up with you soon! xx
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