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Whatever you think of it's status as fine art, there's always something rather wonderful about a ship in a bottle. I passed this giant version on the plinth on Trafalgar Square yesterday evening.

And wouldn't you know, I drew a ship in a bottle in the artwork for You Can't Scare a Princess!. Here's a little sneak peek at a scene of pirates ransacking the palace (spot the bottle and its furry little inhabitant):

Stuart and I were going to the opera, so we had a picnic supper on the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields and I had a little browse of the second issue of the fab Comix Reader. Have you got hold of your copy yet?

24 pages of indie comics loveliness, with a good dose of quirkiness thrown in. One page even features our favourite Panda Panda bubble tea, courtesy of most excellent studio mate, Ellen Lindner.

tidbits from The Comix Reader

I never found the pencil case I lost at Hay, and I first replaced it with that little green one up top. Except I discovered you can't stuff metal pencil cases; they'll either close or they won't close, there's no fudging. So I bought the orange one, which has three separate pockets and looks stuffable. Hurrah! Oh, and then I had to buy the lovely matching notebook. I love Paperchase stuff, I just wish they put the name of the artist on their products.

I'll blog more about the opera later, it was AMAZING. The English National Opera's production of Two Boys at the London Coliseum, go see it!
Oh, and Philip Reeve has just blogged our lunch with Geraldine McCaughrean in Oxford, and included a rather fabulous flip-chart drawing he made before his event.
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