Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

it's not a bean, it's not a dog, it's both!

Before the bean dogs, just to say, come see what's happening in Tibet in Part 9 of my travel comic over on the David Fickling Books blog! Here's one of the panels:

And my little video of the Tibetan prayer wheels we saw. I did quite a lot of spinning.

Our studio, The Fleece Station, went for drinks on Friday night and we got to see the new book by my comics hero and former DFC colleague James Turner. Hurrah! (James is eruditebaboon on LiveJournal and eruditebaboon on Twitter.)
...Mameshiba on the Loose! And if you go over to Wikipedia, you will see that Mameshiba are actually quite a big thing in Japan.

James writes and draws, and he only wrote this book, but it is so, so, so cute. Look, here's a little Indiana Jones scene!

We got to thinking bean-dog hybrids were so kawaii!! that we all started drawing each other as beans. See if you can spot anyone you know...

Mameshiba on the Loose! is an American edition, but look out for it at top comic shops and if you can't find it there, you can buy it on or
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