Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

greenwich morning and a surly rabbit

I was going to draw in the park this morning, but I was running late and ended up just having coffee in Greenwich. I doodled this rabbit while I was sitting on the bench. He looks a bit tired, but he's about to get on his scooter and set off. Which is just what I need to do today.

I popped into Waterstone's just before heading back and – happy happy! – they had my studio mate Lauren O'Farrell's books in the front shelf! Look, both of them! I think that's one of the best feelings ever, seeing my friends' books prominently on display, because I know how much hard work they've put into them. (These two fab books are Stitch London and Knit the City.)

And another happy Lauren-related thing, when she arrived in the studio this morning, she'd just bought herself this excellent Totoro bag.

I love Greenwich mornings. Here's the view toward Rhodes Bakery, which does a most excellent coffee and Chelsea bun.

If you take your coffee and bun and sit in the courtyard of Trinity College London, a music school, you can take in the abstract concert of students practicing. Usually the different strands of music clash against each other - jazz saxophone, classical piano, opera singing, violin scales - but occasionally the sounds merge and, for a few seconds, make a wonderful sound together. This video isn't the most exciting footage ever shot, but it gives you a feel for what it's like to sit there and listen.

Tags: deadlyknitshade, greenwich

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