Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

alpaca hauntings

'Twas dark on the moor and as the wind wuthered through the heather, small glowing lights bobbed toward us, making ghostly bleating sounds. For lo, these apparitions rising from the mist could have been nothing other than Devon's PHANTOM ALPACAS. And we were sore afraid. And slightly bemused.

Since I don't live on Dartmoor, I am not privy to frequent encounters with its fearsome alpacas, but there's one writer who is, so you will have to ask him about its famous woolly spectres. And perhaps buy his book, an anthology of ghostly tales, including writings by Mal Peet, Eleanor Updale, Derek Landy, Jamila Gavin and other fine writers.

Oh! And I have even made a video, which is really cinema at its best, I tell you. Go have a look, if you dare...

Tags: reeve

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