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Sarah McIntyre

super animal adventure squad is GOING LIVE!

Hey, don't let all my NELSON comic goings-on distract you from possibly the most AMAZING COMICS OF THE YEAR, which is launching next Tuesday, the 6th, at beautiful Herne Hill bookshop Tales on Moon Lane, in south London. Are you going to be there?

James Turner is possibly the funniest writer I know, and his characterful artwork complements it wonderfully. You'll remember his comics strip from The DFC, Super Animal Adventure Squad and now the book is coming out, as part of the DFC Library! (If you liked my Vern and Lettuce, also in the DFC Library, you will LOVE James's family-friendly, all ages comic.)

Don't just take my word for it! Go read a review on the FPI blog by Ryan, in Year 6, another review by Lewis, Year 4, and a third review by adult reviewer Richard Bruton. You can buy it at Tales on Moon Lane, all good comics bookshops, FPI, etc.

In fact, our DFC colleague Woodrow Phoenix and I were such fans that we took two of his characters out for lunch one day:

And James is doing another comic strip, soon to launch in The Phoenix Comic. Don't miss the very first issues, sign up for the first copies now, over on their website. (And you can also catch a glimpse of the new strip by my fab studio mate Gary Northfield!)

James is eruditebaboon on Twitter and Gary is gnorthfield, be sure you're following them!.
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