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let's all make stuff together!

I love doing collaborative artwork because we never know exactly what we'll get at the end. Here's a simple game called Consequences: fold a paper into three parts, have someone draw a monster's head and just indicate at the fold with two marks where the neck goes, then fold it over; the next person draws the middle bit without looking at the head, and the third person takes the bottom bit, again without looking. Ta-dah! Surprise monster. Here's one Jonathan Edwards (aka Jontofski), Warwick Johnson Cadwell and I drew at the Nelson party at Gosh! comic shop last Friday:

You can see more monsters on Gosh's blog, and also find out about a page of original Nelson artwork I've put up for sale, all proceeds to Shelter charity (and lots by other contributors, too!).

On Sunday, my friend (and website designer) Dan Fone invited a bunch of us to the House Cafe in Camberwell to come and make a spoof magazine with him. We spent much of the afternoon flipping through magazines, laughing at stupid headlines and finally cutting them up and making our own mash-up pages. I think Dan is going to turn them into an online readable magazine, but in the meantime, you can see some of our pages.

Mine started with a dumb article about the difficulty of fat girls and thin girls being friends (wha..?) but then I saw a shark movie advert and it all got very silly.

Even though Dan was running the workshop, he still managed to mock up his own page. Thanks for a fun afternoon, Dan, and the House Cafe for hosting!

The other fun collaborative effort I saw this weekend was the new issue of the Strumpet comics magazine! I've been watching my fab studio mate Ellen Lindner do crazy amounts of work getting ready for it: making comics, editing other people's comics, chasing them up on deadlines and for artwork, making videos, promo images and badges, managing its Kickstarter fundraiser... if anyone wants to know how to take a publication from beginning to end, Ellen is a great person to ask about it (as is is David O'Connell, who just edited ink+PAPER). Thanks for a great party, Ellen, Jeremy Day and the Strumpet crew!

Caution: content not really suitable for young children


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