Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

morris makes a mud angel!

Ha Ha! Best cake EVER!!! :D Look at all the details, even Morris's hairy tummy and the stitching on his pants!

Bevis Musson just made this cake for his 5-year-old son, Callum, who asked for it specially. Happy birthday, Callum! Bevis wrote:

Originally I was going to have him sat up, but that would have meant getting a new cake tin just for his head shape and I couldn't find the right one, so he ended up lying down instead. He's actually quite an easy shape to make out of cake, so it meant that I could get a lot more little details on there that I might otherwise have (plus the invention of edible icing pens has made life so much easier)...

Ah! Manchester-based Bevis (@bevismusson on Twitter) just sent me links chronicling how he made the cake! You can see his posts about it here, then here and finally here on his blog, Making it up as I go along.

That's brilliant. I have a how-to guide for making a space ship cake to go with You Can't Eat a Princess!, but this is the first Morris cake I've seen. Totally made my day, thanks, Bevis and Callum! If anyone wants to thow a Morris the Mankiest Monster party, I have a bunch of fun activities you can use for it, downloadable free here.

Oh, and Bevis has made other fab cakes, too, including a dinosaur and a pirate island! Just go have a look and explore his blog, that's the best thing. (Edit: Oh my! Just saw some racy Sherlock artwork! Ha ha... it's mostly adults who read this blog, right? Parental warning...)
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