Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

stupid superpower no.3

Here's an addition to my Stupid Superpower series, this time featuring my fab studio mate Gary Northfield! (Gary says that when he worked at an art supply shop, his co-workers really used to call him this.) Besides his incredible years of Derek the Sheep strips in The Beano and his long-time contributions to National Geographic Kids magazine and the Horrible Histories magazine, Gary's been working on a stupendously beautiful and funny book, featuring dinosaurs, for Walker Books. It won't come out for awhile yet, but I've been watching him drawing, inking and colouring the pages and wow, when it does come out, YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT IT!

There are some fabulous things on the Internets today! If you're interested in getting into comics or picture books or any creative profession, be sure to read Jamie Smart's new blog post with his four pieces of great advice:

And I found this link through Brian Sibley on Twitter. I've been a fan of that guy since I listened to The Lord of the Rings in his adaptation for audio dramatisation. I used to work while listening to the cassette tapes, over and over; they got me into a good rhythm while I painted and when I'd need to switch cassettes, it was always perfect timing for a stretch break. Brian's just written about Forgotten Hobbits, and you can read more about this 12-minute-long, gorgeous 1966 animation over on his blog. It's by no means a faithful adaptation, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful.

YouTube link
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