Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

hiding in the bullrushes

I just finished off this image that I've been pecking away at for the past two weeks. When I was little, I used to find places to hide so I could read my Betty & Veronica Double Digest instead of do chores. Sometimes I could convince my mother to buy the comics for me, and sometimes a kid named Patrick on the school bus would let me borrow his. (Bless you, Patrick. Who, oddly, ended up also going all the way across the country to neighbouring Haverford College and dating one of my friends.)

This morning I went down the road on my bike for a quick rendez-vous with Celia, a cellist whom I used to babysit, way back when. She's visiting London with her husband and sister-in-law from North Dakota. We had coffee and cake at Royal Teas, then I dropped them off at the top of the hill by the Observatory, where there's an incredible view of London, from St Paul's to the Millennium Dome.

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