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worlds of tomorrow - 22 may at foyles

Look, Philip Reeve and I drew a picture together! He drew it and I inked it and coloured it.

And, rather excitingly, it announces an upcoming event, for anyone who loves science fiction (or SF as some people prefer to call it) or wishes they knew more about it. I'm a new member the Children's Writers & Illustrators Group at the Society of Authors, and they were looking for a fun and informative event, after the wildly successful Comics Evening, so I suggested SF, and Philip Reeve to co-chair ('cos he knows a lot more about it than I do), and they went for it. Apparently the Society has never hosted a SF event, so we are pleased to present its first! And Neil Jackson at Foyles loves SF and Philip's work, so he was totally up for letting us hold it at the bookshop. Everyone wants to know what they big deal is about SF; it's taking the children's literary world by storm. Do you love reading it and want to ask the authors questions? Are you interested in learning how to write it?

WORLDS OF TOMORROW: The Rise of Sci-Fi in Children's & YA

THE SOCIETY OF AUTHORS and FOYLES present an evening with your hosts PHILIP REEVE & SARAH MCINTYRE. Followed by a question time and book signing.

PLACE: The Gallery, Foyles Charing Cross
DATE: Tuesday, 22 May
TIME: 7pm
Book FREE tickets by e-mail:

Space is limited, please e-mail Foyles if you book and are unable to come.
The Society of Authors has reserved 40 places for society members


MOIRA YOUNG stunned readers last year with BLOOD RED ROAD, her YA debut novel about a girl searching for her kidnapped twin brother in a bleak, post-apocalyptic landscape. Her book scooped up the Costa book award and now that she's back from a whirlwind USA tour, she's working on the second book in the trilogy.
Favourite sci-fi book as a child: A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeleine L'Engle

High-energy writer STEVE COLE invented a time machine that lets him write more books than anyone else, and they sell in the millions. His books include the wildly popular ASTROSAURS series, COWS IN ACTION, Z.REX, ASTROSAURS ACADEMY, THE SLIME SQUAD and several original DOCTOR WHO stories.
Favourite sci-fi book as a child: STORIES FROM THE TWILIGHT ZONE by Rod Serling

SF and dark fantasy writer KIM LAKIN-SMITH is obsessed with mechanics, dystopias, and all things punk. Her novel CYBER CIRCUS is shortlisted for this year's British Science Fiction Association Best Novel award. Kim's latest YA story is the steampunk action adventure, QUEEN RAT.
Favourite sci-fi book as a child: THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by Douglas Adams

PHILIP REEVE teleports from the wilds of Dartmoor, where he's constructed the futuristic landscape of the MORTAL ENGINES quartet and the ongoing FEVER CRUMB books. His madcap LARKLIGHT trilogy begins in a Victorian house which orbits the moon. His latest book, GOBLINS, launches this spring.
Favourite sci-fi book as a child: THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES by Ray Bradbury

SARAH MCINTYRE painted a picture book full of aliens and chocolate, called YOU CAN'T EAT A PRINCESS! She regularly finds herself with groups of children drawing aliens and making comics about interplanetary adventures.
Favourite sci-fi book as a child: THE RUNAWAY ROBOT by Lester del Ray

In partnership with ANNE PERRY and JARED SHURIN of THE KITSCHIES Awards, celebrating progressive, intelligent, and entertaining science fiction for readers of all ages.
Anne's favourite sci-fi book as a child: I, ROBOT by Isaac Asimove
Jared's favourite sci-fi book as a child: DOMINIC by William Steig

Please do spread the word! Here's a flyer if you want to post it on your blog, Facebook, wherever. Cheers! (Here's a simpler version, if you prefer to use it.)

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