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If you've been following my blog, you might remember me posting about the Wigtown Book Festival for the last couple years. And how last year a young journalist named Zoë Bestel made a video interviewing me about my pirate book, You Can't Scare a Princess!. Well, Zoë's been busy composing new songs, singing and playing her ukulele, and she's just about to launch a new single, on May 4th.

The song's called 35 Missed Calls and there's a beautiful video that goes along with it, which features some of the landscape I love around the southwest Scottish coastline. Oh, and Zoë's excellent green polka-dot wellies, and yes, I would like to get myself a pair of those.

YouTube link

Go visit Zoë's website to find out more about this fabulous lady and buy the single. I would say to her 'good luck with it', but I know she's not relying on luck; she and the people around her in her community are working hard so she can do what she loves. So, hurrah, Zoë, and keep at it, Wigtown!