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Now here's something I've been involved with. (Remember Monsterville? Well, these are the same excellent dudes at the Discover Centre.) See the PULL ME sign? My dad used to have me pull his finger and a dreadful thing would happen, and that experience still influences my work today...

Director Sally Goldsworthy approached me about working together with tall beardy man Philip Ardagh on a story: Philip would tell the story, and I'd work with their team to create a series of interactive pictures to go with it online. Philip writes (on Facebook, which I just nicked): DOWN THE PLUG HOLE, written by me and illustrated by Sarah, is of course, brilliant. The rest of the stories may be a bit ropey, but who cares? There's always ours to look forward to and then back on AND it's an official part of the Cultural Olympiad... the part bearded/part American part.

The Discover Centre plans to unveil them week by week, along with a great programme of stuff that encourages kids to make their own stories. Illustrators include fab people such as Chris Riddell, David Roberts and Guy Parker-Rees, and excellent writers Michael Rosen, Malorie Blackman, David Almond, Jamila Gavin, Andy Stanton and four kids from east London. Here are more StoryCloud details, and I'll give you a shout when the whole thing goes live on 18 June!

Tags: ardagh, discover

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