Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

see you tomorrow in soho

I had a nutty dream last night and decided I'd turn it into a comic and penciled some notes. But then I realised I have WAAAY too much work to get through today to draw comics. But then I remembered that I'm doing an event at Gosh! London comics shop tomorrow where I get to... draw comics! Perfect.

So if you fancy a chilled-out day of sitting around drawing, lots of different creators will be taking official shifts to lead half-hour sessions, but mostly we'll all just be sitting around drawing with kids and people who aren't going to act too grown-up on us and say, 'why are you drawing a meandering pointless comic about a dream when you could be drawing some intense academic narrative dealing with relevant socio-economic issues of today?' Ha ha... Do come along. You can draw awesome, intense stuff if you like, or just hang out and make your pencil move around. It's the weekend. My shift is from 1-1:30, details here.

Tags: gosh

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