Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

pop up festival, sat, 30 june: MARK YOUR DIARIES!

Get ready for COMICS AWESOME! 'Cos it's coming to London, and very soon! Kids, teenagers, families, this is a great chance to meet some of Britain's top comics creators, get stuck in and make a whole comic book with them! They are Jamie Littler, Gary Northfield, Nana Li, Jamie Smart, David O'Connell, Neill Cameron and me!
You'll get tips from these pros, feedback on your work, and a chance to watch the creators do live drawing and comics battles. If you have a portfolio, this is one of those rare chances when you can bring it along, sit down with a creator and have them look at it and discuss it with you.

It's all free! And if you like, you can buy our comics and picture books on-site at the Guardian bookshop and get us to sign and draw in them for you. I'll be posting more exciting stuff about it soon, but MARK YOUR DIARIES! Go on, do it now. And spread the word! I'll be totally awesome. And we're not the only thing that's happening, there will be loads of other marquees with great events going on for both the Saturday and Sunday of the Pop Up Festival (although our comics tent is just Saturday), including Axel Scheffler, Baroness Floella Benjamin, James Mayhew, writer (and occasional cartoonist) Candy Gourlay, writer & illustrator Laura Dockrill, writer Marcus Sedgwick and writer Nii Parkes. Awesomesauce.

Sarah McIntyre, Jamie Littler, Gary Northfield, Nana Li, Jamie Smart, David O'Connell, Neill Cameron

Note: Adults without kids, you can come, too! You just might need to share your scissors and give way to the teenagers and little 'uns if there's a big queue in the Portfolio Review area.
...New! More information HERE!
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