Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

we built a space cave!

I've been pushing myself too hard this week, and I crashed last night quite badly. I had to have a quiet day at home today and I had all the symptoms of being ill, but I think it was just fatigue. So instead of answering a huge pile of e-mails, my friend and I got out the Sculpey clay and a big hunk of playdough I had left over from the Edinburgh festival. She made this little guy:

She decided to make him a cave, and we made it a space cave. Isn't it the most awesome thing you ever saw? I want to live there.

We built a wire cage to hold up the playdough, then we thought it might go hard if we baked it. It didn't, really, but it sort of melted a bit and looked more cave-like.

We lit it in the back with Stuart's bicycle light. It can do solid beams or a strobe effect if the volcano is erupting.

Tags: 3d

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