Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

in the business of scaring small children

Today's morning sketch results from a scary mental picture after Philip Ardagh announced on Twitter that 'they' are bringing out a smaller version of him in the autumn. Who are 'they'? Do I want to know the answer to this?

Oh, and I'm doing an event based on my Olympiad StoryCloud tale with the larger of the two Ardaghs, Down The Plughole (and yes, go look!), but don't worry, HE WON'T BE THERE. 2:30, this Saturday, in the shadow of the Olympic stadium at the Discover Children's Story Centre, details here. Lots of drawing fun, without a lot less terror.

Did you twig that when Ardagh gulps HELP! in Down the Plughole, he sounds just like Jim Henson in Time Piece?

Yesterday was Cleaning Day at the Fleece Station studio, and today we make a last effort to tackle The Cupboard of Doom. Here are my lovely studio mates and Molly the dog, at Deptford Market, where we regularly get fleeced.

Tags: ardagh, discover

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