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the frivolous cake: new lino cut print!

I made a new lino cut print! It's a private commission and illustrates a poem called The Frivolous Cake by Mervyn Peake, from his Gormenghast book Titus Groan.

A freckled and frivolous cake there was
That sailed upon a pointless sea...

I didn't really have time to do this piece, and I did the first sketch quite quickly, to knock off a very small print. But then the client came back with a very reasonable offer of payment, so I decided I could get up extra early in the mornings and somehow fit in a more elaborate piece. So we decided to go with the second sketch. I really was going to say no, but I do love making lino cuts...

Here's some of the first cutting I did late one evening:

And here's the linoleum block, all ready to print! (I'd already bought some oil-based relief ink from Intaglio on Southwark Bridge Road for the lino cut I made for the Jubilee workshop with Rolf Harris.)

Can you see what it is? This is the fun bit, when I roll on the ink and the picture suddenly pops up.

So I lay the paper on top of it and rub the back of the paper with the spoon. Then when I peel off the paper, there's the picture, in reverse!

Since it's oil-based ink, I have to use white spirit to clean up.

I can never entirely clean the block, it always keeps traces of the ink. But it still looks kind of cool. So there you have it, a new lino print!

Other news: Do you live anywhere near Berkshire? One of Britain's top writers, Geraldine McCaughrean (The White Darkness, Peter Pan in Scarlet) has written a brand-new play which you can watch outdoors, from tomorrow. Bring your own picnic! Details here.

And my Oliver and the Seawigs co-creator Philip Reeve has some new treats online for you! Alex Fitch has interviewed Philip and Jodi Picoult on Resonance FM, which you can now listen to as a podcast here. I've only read one of Jodi's books, My Sister's Keeper, but I'm curious to read her first YA novel, Between the Lines. And I had no idea that she was only the second woman to write for Wonder Woman, who would've thought.

And Jeffrey Lamar has interviewed Philip about his music playlist, so click over to hear the connections between the songs and his writing. And if you just want to listen to the tracks straight through, and have Spotify, here's the playlist:

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