Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

independent features indie comics creator zoom rockman!

Hey, look at this! Recognise this guy and his comic?

If you came along to the Pop Up Festival last month, you might have met Zoom Rockman and seen him give his workshop comics talk, with his brother Ace.

And this is exciting, The Independent have picked up the story, they're excited to see an 11-year-old kid making, self-publishing and marketing his own comics.

And they've printed some of his work! A great media day for indie comics, hurrah!

Cheers for the Pop Up mention, Zoom! :D I hope lots of other kids will realise just how possible it is to start making and publishing comics NOW, and not wait until they're grown up. All you need to publish a comic is paper, something to draw with, some way to reproduce it (by hand, with a photocopier, with a computer printer, with an online printing company such as Lulu, or DPS who printed our ink+PAPER anthology), a blog or website (which can be found free online), willingness to put in the hours, and you're off!

You can read the full Independent article on their website. And here's Zoom's website, go explore!
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