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the girly comic, laydeez and limpix

Last time I did events in Leicester, I stayed with two stalwart contributors on the indie comics scene, The Girly Comic editor Selina Lock and her partner Jay Eales of Factor Fiction press. They're staying with us in London right now and they've brought a hot-off-the press copy of the second Girly Comic book! (It really IS hot off the press, because I only wrote the foreward about a week ago.) You can read a Forbidden Planet International review of it here and visit the comic's own website here.

And tonight - TONIGHT! - you can come hear Selina and Jay talk about how they put together The Girly Comic, and lots more about self-publishing and indie comics at the Laydeez Do Comics evening! Plus the fabulous Hannah Berry, creator of Britten and Brülightly, and Lily Mae Martin, whom I don't know at all, but that's one of the reasons it's worth going. Details on the website.

And here's the Fleece Station studio, along with Stuart, Selina and Jay in Greenwich last night, watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony on the lawn (or what's left of the lawn) of the Royal Naval College. I loved it. A friend wrote to say he'd briefly switched it on and it looked GHASTLY, and I totally see what he means, but it was brilliant getting into the mood of it with the crowd and also laughing at the comments people were making on Twitter (Alex T Smith, the Kitschies' Anne Perry and Philip Ardagh win the evening's Twitter prize, I reckon.) I loved the Opening Ceremony as well. Hurrah, Britain, for putting on two amazing shows!

Stuart and I live walking distance from the park, so we popped over several times just to see what was going on. And Stuart went with my studio mate, Gary, to see the Women's Modern Pentathlon, which meant they were Limpicking from 7am til past midnight, but they seemed more than happy.

It's great seeing all the action on the Thames:

And such a great crowd in Greenwich. They cheered when Mo Farah came on screen, they went wild when he won, they jumped about and shouted at every replay. Did I say that I love living in London? I love living in London.


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