Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

head like a sucked mango pip

I once read an Indian novel that described a man as having 'a head like a sucked mango pip'. I wish I could remember which book it was. I sucked a mango pip and thought of it again.

It's all been very exciting here in London with the Limpix and Plimpix going on. Last week at the studio, we heard loud choppers overhead and Lauren saw on the Deptford Dame's blog that the Paralympic torch was coming down our high street. So Gary, Lauren and I did the most amazing 200-metre dash and managed to get there just in time.

And we had a great time watching the Opening ceremony. Not only was it amazing (the third big ceremony so far!), but I had new insights into the joy of watching an event with the whole world on Twitter and conniving with writer/illustrator Alex T Smith to have our publisher kit us out in costumes as good as those at the ceremonies. Among other things, we liked the hats from Peru. Here I am, trying to bring some of that Peruvian style into the studio.

Oo, and lookie, lookie! I got an e-mail from funny writer Kjartan Poskitt that The Guardian used the photo of him I took at the Hay Festival! I sent him a bunch to use as promo pics, and it was nice to see that little photo credit there. Fab! Have a read of the interview, it made me laugh more than once. And Kjartan's Agatha Parrot books are brilliant.

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