Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

extreme modesty and a couple birthdays

A couple things: here's a new interview on Bookengine with the fab writer of our books You Can't Scare a Princess! and You Can't Eat a Princess! Gillian Rogerson!

And a couple birthday doodles, one for the legendary, high-jumping, web-throwing Steve Cole.

And the other for the exaltedly elevated and profoundly hirsute Philip Ardagh. (Just like Gillian, Ardagh is well known for his extreme modesty and he keeps very quiet about his birthdays. ...Ha ha, not: the Facebook reminders have been rolling in for at least a week.)

Oh, and since we're going for black and white here, this just made me smile:

Here's an article about David Byre's and Annie Clark's collaboration which first appeared in the New York Magazine.
Tags: ardagh, cole, rogerson

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