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morris: how to win friends and horrify your teacher

Ha ha! This tweet from Colm Linnane in Edinburgh cheered me hugely when it rolled in last night:

Artist and web designer Dan Fone couldn't resist coming up with his own recipe for super-snot.

Thanks for standing up for Morris the Mankiest Monster, Joe Decie and @slormes!

...But it's highly debatable whether Morris is a 'nice' book. It's writer, Giles Andreae, has argued that it's actually a love poem, about the sort of love - and conflicted emotions - a parent has for a child who's covered in filth and comes running toward them, wanting a cuddle. But I'm not so sure that makes it nice. Last night I looked up Morris on Amazon and was pleased to discover it has 14 reviews now, 13 of them glowing with praise. But the other one is still my all-time favourite:

This is a more standard review. And I'm glad the book inspired the class to write their own poetry. (Thank you, Peter!)

And don't forget, if you want some activity sheets to go along with the book, or free material for throwing your own Morris the Mankiest Monster Party, you can download them from my website here.

This video also just rolled in via Twitter! It was made by Carl Loughlin, aka Grandpa Joe, and is even harder to get through than the Morris book. WELL MANKY. (Thanks, Carl!)

Direct YouTube link

Speaking of monsters, check out this link to Monsters University, a spoof website for the sequel to Monsters, Inc. (Link via Jamie Smart.) Ha ha, I love the four-armed hoodie in the shop!
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