Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

frankfurt, here we come!

Or at least, here come our books! We at the Fleece Station studio have some fresh new wares to bring to you lovely people at the Frankfurt Book Fair, going on RIGHT NOW. So let us unpack our suitcase for you...

First thing: don't walk, don't jog, SPRINT over to the Walker Books UK table, where you can buy rights to the magnificent, sweet, and very funny TEENYTINYSAURS, about a group of little dinosaurs who go on madcap adventures. Head over to Gary Northfield's website if you'd like to find out more. Foreign rights are selling quickly, so get over there super-fast!

TEENYTINYSAURS launches this spring

Oh, and look here! The never-before revealed Scholastic UK colour proofs of SUPERKID, by Claire Freedman (who wrote Aliens Love Underpants and me! I gave this my all with the illustrations, and hopefully you'll have a great time getting lost in the details.

SUPERKID hits the shelves on 6 May next spring

And how's my book OLIVER AND THE SEAWIGS with Philip Reeve going? Well, head over to the Oxford University Press stall to have a look! It's still not finished, you'll only get to see peeks at the fair...

...But here's an underwater scene I drew yesterday, and I'm rather proud of it! This book launches next autumn.

And while you're considering rights to Philip Reeve's books, don't miss the fabulous new GOBLINS vs DWARVES! I read the first book, GOBLINS, published by Scholastic UK, which is beautifully written and so much fun for kids and adults alike. You know how, in Lord of the Rings, the orcs and goblins and Uruk-hai are always just plain bad? Well, Philip's written a book from the goblins' perspective, and you get to find all the stuff they get up to. They're not nice, or clean, but there IS at least one goblin, named Scarper, who's worth keeping your eye on. In the second book, their kingdom is threatened by bad-ass dwarves, and it's just as exciting, if not more so, than the first one. LAIKA film studios have already bought the film rights to GOBLINS, so keep an eye on these books, they'll go far.

The Frankfurt Book Fair hashtag for English-language tweets is #fbf12, see you there!
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