Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

ghost chef cooks up a comic for the sunday times!

Hey, my comic strip is going to be in this week's copies of The Sunday Times!

I came up with a new Ghost Chef character just for the occasion. You can find the half-page comics strip tucked inside the paper in the children's section, called The Funday Times. This supplement used to come out weekly, but now only comes out every so often, this time to celebrate the release of Tim Burton's latest animation, Frankenweenie. It usually has a Scooby-Doo strip, but I'm hoping their latest commission might mean they're interested in having home-grown comics on a more regular basis. Fingers crossed!

Thanks to Sunday Times Supplements Editor Karen Robinson for commissioning the strip, and Damian Kelleher for pointing her in my direction.

Event update! I'm doing a London event with Booktrust and their comics-artist-in-residence Hannah Berry:

You can find out more here on the Booktrust website and book your tickets! (And here's a a drawing I made of Hannah a few months ago.)

I'm pleased to say that the excellent Alex Fitch has made a podcast of the event I did at Waterstone's Piccadilly with David Almond and Oliver Jeffers. You can listen to almost the whole event here! Ours is the first part of the podcast. (You can see my original blog post about the event here.)


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