Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

the phoenix comic in the telegraph

Publisher of The Phoenix Comic, David Fickling, has written about his fabulous weekly comic in today's Telegraph. Have a read!

Featuring covers by Patrice Aggs, Lorenzo Etherington, Jamie Smart

And my studio mate Gary Northfield (@gnorthfield) has compiled a list of all The Phoenix creators who are on Twitter. Go follow 'em! (And yes, many of them do lots of other top-notch books and workshops; send them an exploratory tweet!) :)

And, of course, there's The Phoenix on Twitter: @PhoenixComicUK

I just spoke with Caro Fickling, who says that if every state primary school in Britain takes out just one subscription to The Phoenix (25,000 primary schools, and that's not even counting libraries and private schools), they could start up a whole new comics title. They'd love to first aim it at younger children than The Phoenix targets, and then create a third title aimed at older teenagers. More amazing comics for everyone! Let's spread the word. Librarians, teachers, don't miss out!
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