Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

why i am not concerned about tomorrow's apocalypse

I am SO READY for the end of the world tomorrow, you wouldn't believe. Also, here's a little song you might like. (Saw it on Forbidden Planet International tweets, ta!)

And speaking of FPI, thanks for reblogging my Excalibur Santa and the Sword in the Stone crowdfunding campaign! The artwork's still there, have a think if you might want to support the venture.

A big thanks and round of applause for Joe Gordon (@LordWoolamaloo on Twitter), Richard Bruton (@richardbruton), Wim Lockefeer (sparehed), Zainab (@comicandcola) and the team who give us such a lovely and thoughtful round-up of comics every day on this jaw-droppingly extensive blog (@fpinternational)! Their passion for comics really shines through, they're a hub of the online community, and they're my one-stop shop when I don't have a lot of time to browse the web. If you're buying comics online, stop by their shop before you try somewhere like Amazon. If you have any questions, the guys are amazingly helpful on Twitter and can help you fulfill all your comics needs. Thank you, Forbidden Planet International!

FPI are running lots of Best of Year articles by guest comic creators, do go over and have a peek!

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