Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

last day of 2012 proves rather taxing

It's my favourite way to spend the day before the new year, surrounded by piles of receipts and a green highlighter pen, trying to find the tiny dates printed on each one of them and typing them into my computer. Whoo hoo! I'm having such fun that lovely young Emma Brink drew a picture of me with all engines blazing:

Gosh, how I love doing taxes. I actually woke up in Tax Nightmare sweats last night. Or, at least, I think the nightmares were about taxes, even though I was wearing a moose head.

The moose head came from a sketch I drew yesterday in Greenwich of a lady in a coffee shop who looked just like this.

Yesterday I got badly distracted from doing taxes by this lovely documentary about animating the sequel to The Snowman, the film based on Raymond Briggs' comic book of the same name. The new film's called The Snowman and the Snow Dog and it's hand-drawn and lovely. If you're in the UK, you can watch it for 28 more days online at Channel 4-on-Demand, and then I suspect there will be a video people in other countries can buy. It's a nice look into Raymond Briggs' house. He seems like someone who's very grumpy when you first meet him, but then he might warm up, in a curmudgeonly way. The thing is, I'll probably never have more than a brief meeting with him, if I ever meet him at all, so I think I prefer this way of visiting him, where there's no chance of getting told off.

Click here to watch the making-of documentary and click here to watch the original The Snowman and the Snow Dog film.

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