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stuart eating his veg

I love watching Jonathan Edwards' drawings pop up on my Instagram feed, and this picture of Stuart is inspired by some of the things he's been trying out.

Some diary dates: I'm appearing at Chipping Norton Lit Fest on Sat, 20 April, for a family event with my new book, Superkid: Startling superpowers! Astounding monsters! Madcap battles! Join writer, illustrator and comics creator Sarah McIntyre in designing THE SILLIEST SUPERHERO ON THE PLANET and unleash your creation on the weirdest, vilest, dribbliest baddies you can throw at it. For children of all ages, accompanied by an adult.</i> Free, booking details here. Loads of other fab authors are appearing the same day, including Philip Ardagh, Jo Cotterill and Sue Heap.

And I'm leading a Comics Jam workshop with Philip Reeve at Animated Exeter on Sat, 23 Feb, details here! Lots going on, Philip's even written a whole new short story (set in Exeter) for the occasion and I illuminated one of the letters in the story.

More links:

I was very excited to hear that Viv Schwarz has got her first few copies of her upcoming graphic novel The Sleepwalkers with Walker Books. Can't wait to get my hands on this, Viv's amazing, and from the peeks I've seen of this, the book will be, too.

I always mean to read more science fiction, and Jared Shurin from The Kitschies Awards has just posted his 50 Essential Fiction Novels. I've bookmarked this for further exploration!

Nichola Morgan has posted an excellent article, How much should writers charge for events? (People are always asking me for advice on this.)

Here's a little dinosaur song for you, via Woodrow Phoenix:

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