Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
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exotic travels

I have LOADS to blog about this weekend - my first eBooks! Exeter's animation festival! - but I promised myself I'd get a whole picture book spread painted today, so I'll have to blog about those later. But I thought I'd post a few drawings and photos from my interplanetary trip. This is how I looked on my spaceship about 9:30 last night.

Yesterday morning, I did some exploration of the martian terrain. (Funny, I thought Mars would be much hotter.)

And aliens! I met aliens! These two are named Alfie and Iggie.

I spotted strange liquid formations on the planet's surface:

And found it was inhabited, and not just by aliens, but by two eccentric explorers from Earth, named Sarah and Philip Reeve.

Here's Sarah, back at the comfy space station.

I made an alien comic with their hatchling, Sam:

And we left a coded message to beam back to Gary, my studio shipmate:

Back on Planet Earth now, but just before landing, I caught one last glimpse of the alien landscape:

Tags: dartmoor, reeve

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