Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

my very first Me Books!

You can now spend two quid and get You Can't Eat a Princess! and You Can't Scare a Princess! as Me Books! (They are not eBooks, they are better than eBooks!)

Me Books aren't just pages on a screen, you can turn the whole stories into Gilbert & Sullivan style musicals!

When I was at the Reeves this weekend, 10-year-old Sam and I had a blast mucking around with the stories on Philip's iPad. This is my favourite feature of the eBooks, you can record stuff:

This is brilliant because you can record and save the story in more than one language, have different people reading it aloud, or if you're Sam and me, get busy sabotaging it, then making up stupid songs. Hurrah! This is a very UNOFFICIAL VIDEO.

I totally need to get an iPad. If you have one, head on over to the MeBooks website, download the free app, watch the intro video to see how things work, then get busy playing with the stories!

Thanks for your great work on these: Gillian Rogerson with the script, Sarah Daykin for the audio recording, and the MeBooks people for developing it! You can follow MeBooks on Twitter: @Me_Books.
Tags: ebooks, pspag2, rogerson

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