Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

duck and sock monkey review 'the sleepwalkers' & 'welcome to your awesome robot'

Clara the sock monkey: Look, we read this book, The Sleepwalkers, and it's full of awesome comics!
Mr Hodden: Viviane Schwarz wrote it and drew the pictures. It's like she totally read our mind and knew just what we wanted in a book.

It's true. Look, there's a bit about my origins. It's called 'How to Make a Sock Monkey'.
That's deep.
Yeah. I dream about it a lot. But I never have nightmares about needles or anything, the Sleepwalkers sorted them out.

I guess this is the book we read after The Sleepwalkers. Welcome to Your Awesome Robot.
True! All sock monkeys should know how to build an Awesome Robot.

Do you think this is good building stuff for making the base unit?
For sure! It's a good thing we didn't let anyone throw those away.

Argh!! I can't see very well out of these holes! And I can't move my arms! I don't like this!
Hold on, the instructons say that we can cut different robot visor shapes.

Phew, that's better. And now I can wiggle my arms. Right, Mr Hodden, what next?
Now we drink lots of champagne and save the corks to attach as robot buttons.
Should we take a photo of us drinking the champagne?
No, let's skip that part, I think it might make Sarah a little bit cross.

– *hic*
I'll do the cutting, you drank more than me.
I don't think Viviane talked about that problem in the health and safety warnings.
It must be the book's only flaw.
She's still young. She'll learn and she might put a warning in the next book.

Okay, I've cut an input slot, now I'll draw the dial.
Why are you writing those words?
You'll see.

Wow, isn't this the most Awesome Robot ever??!
Why does your dial say 'Needy'?
Our robot battery is very low
How do we power it up?

Ah, I should have guessed. This is a chocolate-powered robot. Tell me we didn't make this robot just as an excuse to get me to feed you chocolate.
Would I do that?

I thought the dial was supposed to read 'Processing' while you digest the chocolate.
I know, but even the THOUGHT of chocolate made the needle flip up to 'Wild Joy'.
Well, it's good to know it's a fast processor. We won't need to install any extra RAM.
Yes, there's only room for a monkey in here, not a big boy sheep.

All that hard work and chocolate has made me thirsty.
Hey, The Sleepwalkers has a recipe for making a banana milkshake!
Yay, let's make one!

Wow, we followed the directions and this tastes great.
I'd say that BOTH of Viviane's books are awesome.
Totally. I heard she wrote another book about cheese.
No way! Oh, I know, I know! Let's read the next one and have a FONDUE PARTY.
Oh, we totally have to do that. Hurrah!

Clare the sock monkey made by Rose Godfrey of Greenwich; Mr Hodden made by the workshop of Chris Haughton. You can follow Viviane on Twitter: @vivschwarz and The Sleepwalkers: @thesleepwalkers.
Tags: reviews, schwarz

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