Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

fat rainbow pony

A few things! First, I drew a fat rainbow pony today. *waits for applause*

And! Remember our excellent house guest of awhile ago, Lucy Knisley? (See one of my blog posts about her visit here.) Well, her food-themed comic book, Relish, has just launched in the USA and will come out in the UK on May Day. You can read a great Newarama interview of Lucy here and see enlargements of full pages. I'm so excited to see this book! Here's a poster on her blog for her USA and Toronto book tour.

I saw this sombre Calvin & Hobbes trailer for a fantasy film on my studio mate Lauren O'Farrell's Facebook wall and had to post it because the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip is the best thing EVER.


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