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my very own library, birmingham

Such exciting news in The Birmingham Mail this morning! One does not need to be dead yet to have a Memorial Libray. When Birmgham Council asked me if I'd be a foundational part of their new hat-box-shaped library, I fully understood that it would mean letting me become part of the actual foundations. The things we do to promote literacy.

Okay, HATS, Morris the Mankiest Monster... surely this is MY LIBRARY. My studio mate Gary Northfield was pleased to learn he had a library, too - Northfield Library - but then we went on to the new app and discovered that the Suffragettes burned it down in 1914. (Sorry about that, Gary.)

The app is great, I just downloaded it to my phone. It takes you on all these Birmingham trails and gives you short, fun reviews of the books they have in their library treasure troves.

Find out more about the app here on the website!

Thanks for this fab review of Morris, Barry Griffiths! I am going to make a point to use the verb 'jaccuzzies' in at least five sentences today. Barry's the guy who runs the excellent Stories from the Web story website. He's agreed to lay the first brick at my Interment Ceremony.

Ha ha! 'Rhymes delicately scented with egg'. No one's ever said SUCH NICE THINGS ABOUT OUR BOOK! *weeps noisily and pulls egg-scented hanky from underneath hat to wipe streaming mascara*

Oh, and I should add, you can download lots of fun Morris the Mankiest Monster free activity sheets here on my website.



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