Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

booktrust meets superhamster!

Superhamster is so pleased he got a mention on Booktrust's review of SUPERKID, the new picture book by Claire Freedman and me. Hurrah! (Oops, Superhamster makes little poos when he gets too excited, sorry about that.)

Click here to read the review!

I first saw on Twitter that Booktrust had picked SUPERKID as one of its May 'Books We Like'. Thanks for the review, Katherine! Don't forget that you can download free, fun SUPERKID activity sheets from my website here (Draw Superhamster! Make a Superkid Mask!) and browse my Silly Superpowers drawing gallery. And you can see more of Booktrust's Books We Like, May 2013 on their website.

Tags: superkid

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