Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

IBBY conference

I spent all of today at the annual conference of IBBY (the Int'l Board on Books for Young People). I thought it was going to be lots of academics reading complicated sounded papers on obscure subjects that would only be interesting because they're about picture books. (I was kind of looking forward to that! I don't get it very often.) But it was much more general and was still good, with a great speaker line-up. Here are my notebook sketches of Satoshi Kitamura and Anderson editor Klaus Flugge. These days I seem to be bumping into a lot of publisher men with amazing eyebrows.

Anthony Browne, Martin Salisbury, Nikki Gamble and Jan Pienkowski also spoke, and my big finds for the day were Belgian illustrators Tom Schamp and Sabien Clement.
I went in the main entrance at Roehampton University and ended up wandering around this amazing nature path with grottos and lime trees, until I came through an arbor to see our conference venue. Very pretty place!
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