Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

morris's new house!

I was very excited to hear from Susan Dominikovich in New Zealand that Violet, Madeline and Abigail have all been making their own Morris manky monsters...

Here's Morris the Mankiest Monster in his lovely poo house.

The next day, Susan wrote back: Morris mania continues: straight after school today Madeline had to make him a little house. I can't wait to introduce Morris to her classmates and see where their creativity takes them... And thanks so much for the activity sheets to go with the books. Hours of entertainment. And that's just one sheet!

Isn't this house fabulous?! Perhaps Morris is sticking out his tongue because this house is so very tidy. Give him ten minutes in there and he'll make such muck of the place that even the pigs and rats will be embarrassed for him.

Do pop over to my website here if you'd like some colour, cut-and-stick craft activities. Hours of fun for both kids and adults!

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