Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

kidsweek london theatre illustrations

I see Kidsweek have launched the latest round of free London show tickets for kids, 1 - 31 August. Do click over if you and the kids are interested in going to the theatre this summer!

Heh, I've gotten so used to drawing wigs from Monsterville and Oliver and the Seawigs that one couldn't help but make an appearance. And I think the robot is a tribute to Viv Schwarz's book, Welcome to Your Awesome Robot, which my cuddly animals have reviewed here. And the fox, well, perhaps a Roald Dahl reference, but I just love foxes.

Very curious who's going to win tomorrow's Kate Greenaway and Carnegie medals! How many books on the shortlist and from previous winners have you read?

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