Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

my fish: a tale of death and porcelain

While I was back in America visiting my family, I looked through some of my mother's scrapbooks and found this book I'd made. I'm not sure it's my first book ever, but it's definitely my first hardcover book.

In a recent interview on Meeting Makers, I said that when kids often ask how to get into making books for a living. And I tell them that the best way isn't to wait until they grow up, and perhaps go to art college, but to start making books right now. Make lots of books! And you can see, mine isn't terribly sophisticated. But I tried to write as neatly as I could and I drew a good toilet! I'm not sure how old I was then. Maybe six or seven. Here's one of the photos I dug up of me with my little sister, Mary:

Nothing has changed, I'm still doing this.

My mother made the cover by wrapping cloth, like giftwrap, around two stiff pieces of card, then glueing my book in. I'd love to make some more books with cloth covers, they're lovely. I also remember drawing with crayons and being annoyed at how chunky they were, and how difficult it was to do anything very detailed. I've always had an uneasy relationship with crayons.
Tags: childhood

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