Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

a travelling seawig

You may have seen my earlier blog post about the six-foot-high Seawig I wore at the Oliver and the Seawigs pre-launch. But travelling up with it to the Edinburgh Book Festival and performing in it, when I can only just keep my balance in it, was always going to be tricky. (Book now, Philip Reeve and I are performing on Sun, 25 Aug!) So during picture-book-making breaks, I've made a smaller travel wig, the perfect headgear to wear anywhere, for any occasion.

You'd never guess it started out as a humble salad bowl, a cardboard shipping box and two book covers. I like how, pre-curls, it also looked like some sort of warrior helmet like you'd find at the V&A. And finally I got to use my rubber tentacles, I've been holding back on them. And the ship is the HMS Warrior, it's amazing what you can get at Deptford Market.

My studio mate, Deadly Knitshade, took this picture of me fiercely wielding my glue gun and tackling that cling film.

I had a disaster with those sea shells. The paint was peeling off, so I borrowed some varnish from Sam Wyer across the courtyard, and just as I was spraying them, a huge gust of wind blew them off into a big pile of dust. Fortunately Sam also had a jar of glitter to cover up the dirt, and I now think they look splendid. Here I am, chilling out in my mini-seawig. Must get back to the picture book work now.

Don't forget, we also have our official launch party in London on Wed, 4 Sept, 6:30 at Daunt Books in Marylebone! Join us for a fun event, drinks and Gary's sister is making a cake! Click here for details!
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