Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

let's make bad drawings of mermaids all day

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to MEE-EEEE... happy birthday to me!

I just discovered from @americanbeetles that this is actually a 'hand fish'.

And here is my birthday prezzie to myself! I love it so much. It even has torpedos I can shoot across the room at people.


By @moggyminor

By @Hannah_etc

By @jacobsheep

By @Alexrjpaterson

By Cecily the Milway

By @AJLillywhite

By @damyantipatel

By @jamiesmart


By @AreSlinkysArt

By @Le_Woodman

By @mooseandmouse

By @missaprilnash

By Jared

By @thefingersofgod

By @LovelyLee_G

By Ace Rockman, via @The_ZoomComic

By @revchriswhite

By @rose_appleby

By @_Studiotoad

By @Sally_Nicholls

By @ADsaxist

By @FrancesHardinge

By @garenewing

By @lifeontheslab

By @drbarbstweets

By @americanbeetles ... and not to exclude tetraodontiforms

(Also by @americanbeetles)

By @thingsbydan

By @WBKmagazine

By @JohnDougherty8

By @Louiestowell

By @deadlyknitshade & @Plarchie

By @JennieVallis

By Mark Campos on Facebook

By @MikeHarman

By @TeriSmyth

By @benjaminfarnell

By @genevanjill

Here's some of the sarcastic seaweed that Iris the mermaid encounters in the Sarcastic Sea in Oliver and the Seawigs:

By Rosa, via @genevanjill

By @Irishbabyblu

Another one by Jared, this time with a face

By @ednapurviance

By Arthur Goodman on Facebook

By Scott Faulkner on Facebook

From @crgn

By Heather Bestel on Facebook

By @CuteNosferatu

By Laura Howell on Facebook

By @paulshinndraws

By @ScribbleStreet

By @GedHirst

By Alan Nolan on Facebook

By George Tsavaras on Facebook

By David Lasky on Facebook

By @chaestrathie

By @JHGHendriks

By @stuartpyle

Thanks so much, everyone!!! I'm ovewhelmed by how many people drew chubby mermaids. You people are awesome, I love you all!

Now I am going to go listen to a nice song.

Tags: craft_project, seawigs

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