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comics article in the telegraph!

Hey, I have an article about comics in The Telegraph! It's all part of my Evil Scheme to make Britain a world leader in comics and get all our kids reading and making their own books.

MWAH HA HA! *strokes wig-wearing hairless cat*

You can read the whole article online here! (I wrote it on the train to the Edinburgh Book Festival, for Martin Chilton, and Stuart looked it over, then Philip Reeve proof-read it before I sent it from my hotel wifi. Thanks, guys!)

Thanks, @Alilibrarylady for tweeting the photo!

LINKS! If you want to find out more about anyone I've mentioned in the article, they include: The Phoenix Comic, Jamie Smart (Fish-Head Steve), James Turner (Super Animal Adventure Squad), The Etherington Brothers (Baggage), Gary Northfield (The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs), Viviane Schwarz (The Sleepwalkers), Luke Pearson (the Hilda books), Lucy Knisley (Relish), MCM Expo, Leeds Thought Bubble festival, The British Comic Awards Edinburgh Book Festival's Stripped Fest, and appearing at Bath kids lit fest: Dave McKean, Steve Cole, David O'Connell and Philip Reeve.

Ha ha, some celebrity Twitter endorsement:

The image The Telegraph Online used was part of my Guide to Comic Conventions series. Here are a couple more, and you can read that article here/

So why am I so obsessed with bringing comics to kids? Here's my Evil Plan, which I laid out in a blog post called Futures for Comics: an annual comics festival in every British school. It's quite simple:

The reason I got to write this article was as a trailer for The Bath Festival of Children's Literature, of which I'm very excited to be a part! Comics are starting to creep in: David O'Connell will be leading a proper comics workshop and there are several other authors there with comics backgrounds. Martin, thanks for including us in your Top Ten Highlights of this year's festival!

You can book you place for David O'Connell's workshop here. It's the most purely comics event of the festival so I'm gonna plug the heck out of it:

And my sure-to-be-awesome Seawigs event with Philip here:

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