Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

make it tell everybody: interview with dan berry

Yesterday Dan Berry closeted himself into his tiny soundbox in Wales and conducted an interview with me over Skype! You can listen to it here.

Dan's done loads more podcasts over on his Make it Then Tell Everybody blog, including Stephen Collins (The Gigantic Beard that was Evil), Viviane Schwarz (The Sleepwalkers), Luke Pearson (Hilda and the Midnight Giant), Emma Vieceli (Vampire Academy), Will Morris (The Silver Darlings), Isabel Greenberg (The River of Lost Souls), Philippa Rice (My Cardboard Life), Hannah Berry (Adamtine), Jamie Smart (Fish-Head Steve), Rob David (Nelson, Don Quixote), Joe Decie, Scott C, Simone Lia, Oliver East, Glyn Dillon, Jon McNaught, Kate Brown, Jon Allison, Kristyna Baczynski, Jonathan Edwards, Felt Mistress, Warwick Johnson Cadwell...okay, loads more.

Oh, I refer to selling drawings with my friend Brittany. Here's a drawing I did of that, back in 2008:

I've been getting to know Dan's comics a bit more this year. He has beautiful watercolour technique, as you can see at this peek at his new book, Carry Me, coming out with Great Beast Comics this autumn:


And often his comics give insightful windows into very real truths, such as this Hourly Comic where he wrestles with conflicting feelings of love and hate toward his baby. You can read the whole thing online here.

Have a browse of Dan's website, there's lots of lovely stuff there to read. There aren't many guys who make comics about their children, and it's a lovely insight into a dad's feelings toward his kid. Another artists, Brighton-based Joe Decie, also makes comics featuring fatherhood, and both are well worth checking out.
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