Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

paper muncher

Lotsa work to get through today. Must get my teeth into it.

My studio mate, Gary Northfield, is heading up to Kendal with some of The Phoenix Comic team for The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, it should be awesome. Check out the guest list - Posy Simmonds, Isabel Greenberg, Rob Davis, Luke Pearson - so many creators you'll recognise. And those are just the listed ones, loads more will be there! They've planned lots of events for families, which you can read about in their programme here.

There's a Guardian article about it here. I'm very sad to be missing this; say hi to Gary and the Phoenix team for me! Oh, and this Comics Jam from last weekend in Cheltenham makes me laugh. Sick sick.

Next big comics stop for me is Leeds Thought Bubble in November! Don't miss it!

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