Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy looshkin day!

Stuart and I made a drawing last night to celebrate Looshkin Day!

What or who is Looshkin, you ask? Is it some new winter sporting event? A Russian oligarch? No, it's a cute blue kitten, who wreaks havoc where he goes.

Jamie Smart, who draws the fabulous Bunny vs Monkey comic strip in The Phoenix Comic, has a new strip out! Actually, Looshkin's been alive for a good while. (You might have seen him running around the country on Steve Cole's t-shirt.)

But we finally get to meet him in The Phoenix Comic, which is awesome! Actually, this Friday's issue of The Phoenix was packed with goodness, including TWO strips by Jamie and one of my other faves, Star Cat by James Turner.

James has a way of wording things that puts me into hysterics, I love his work so much. Here's a little peek:

Looshkin has a Facebook page here, and you can follow The Phoenix Comic (both a print and digital weekly comic) on Facebook and Twitter at @phoenixcomicuk, Jamie at @jamiesmart and James at @eruditebaboon.
Tags: phoenix_comic, smart, turner

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