Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

that old chestnut

Keep an eye on the ground as you walk through Greenwich Park right now, lest you tred on one of these little ankle-biters. Cute but totally vicious. (Thanks to Alison Diamond on Twitter for suggesting I add eyes.)

I haven't drawn trees for awhile now, and I've sort of forgotten how. It's like practicing a musical instrument, I get rusty very quickly if I don't do it. I tried out a couple ways of drawing, with brush pen and pencil:

And here's my artist friend Eddie Smith's drawing! It was fun having Ed and his daughter there with me. Ed has a drawing displayed right now in the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition, which is open in their gallery on Union Street (near London Bridge station) until 27 Oct.

His daughter drew a duck.

Tags: eddie_smith, greenwich, trees

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