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Hey, I'm on a children's telly programme! Well, it's not on telly yet, but it looks like it should be. I wasn't allowed to show the footage on my blog for ages, but the director, Nikalas Catlow, has finally released the show, featuring presenter Des Hegarty, Neal Layton, Andy Stanton and me.

Des is the teacher who recently won the Tes Bookaboo competition by reading on camera You Can't Scare a Princess!. My favourite part of this BOOkhut video is where Neal Layton draws a whole Mammoth Academy story in 60 seconds!

You can watch us here on YouTube (my bit's right at the beginning):

You can follow us all on Twitter: @TheGrizzlegrowg (Des), @imakedocs (Nik), @LaytonNeal, @andystantonTM and me, @jabberworks.

Edit: Oo, here's another video Nikalas just made, a trailer starring his friend's fingers and toes:

FF SFX mix small from Nikalas Catlow on Vimeo.

Tags: layton, video

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