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draw a wallaby with your eyes shut

Today is International Draw-a-Wallaby-with-Your-Eyes-Shut Day!

If you're on Twitter or Instagram, give it the hashtag #drawawallabywithyoureyesshut. Go on, you know you want to! :D (I'll post some up here in my next blog post. Edit: here they are!)

Yesterday was my Australian day, it was pretty awesome. I got to try my first-ever Tim Tam, specially delivered to our Fleece Station studio all the way from Canberra by visiting bugs-and-beetles specialist, coleopterist Ainsley S.

Not only did Ainsley bring dark and milk chocolate Tim Tams, but she painted detailed instructions about how to eat them!

And can I tell you, the Tim Tam Slam is something truly special, basically eating molten chocolate.

Ainsley's someone I've followed for a long time on LiveJournal (as americanbeetles) and her comics just get better and better. Here's a page from the mini comic she gave me:

Go check out more of her maternity-related comics work at operationbabyhave.tumblr.com. She mentioned possibly pitching a comic strip to The Phoenix Comic and I really hope she does.

The other Australian-themed thing yesterday was dinner with writer/editor Hayley Campbell, and her dad, Eddie, who had come over to visit from Brisbane. (We like to swap Scottish-immigrant-dad stories.)

Our friend Audrey Niffenegger was there, too, and she showed us this video of a wallaby that's been spotted in London's Highgate Cemetery, where she occasionally works as a guide:

But I think my favourite wallaby video is this one, How to Catch a Kangaroo:

Speaking of exploring the world, I've done a blog post about designing the Explorermobile in Oliver and the Seawigs over on Hive Books blog. Go have a peek if you like!


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