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happy hallowe'en!

Whatever you think about today's holiday, it's a great day for DRESSING UP. (I think my best-ever childhood costume was a home-made chicken outfit.) It's also a great day for drawing spiders! Here's one I drew for a project - which I'm not allowed to talk about yet - but this might or might not be the African trixter story god Anansi.

Hey, look, Damyanti Patel and her family made some Name Totems after seeing my blog post yesterday! Very cool!

And there are some awesome costumes coming in from the Tots 100 Seawigs competition! (Deadline is Monday, 4 Nov.) Check out this one blogged by @annawarner5! Love the furry antennae and curlers!!

And fabulous use of newspaper!!! This one blogged by @Mum_TheMadHouse:

This one tweeted by @TheBeesleyBuzz made my heart go all melty:

And @Irishbabyblu has been posting photo updates on her family's Seawigs! Exciting!!

@pixiedust kept it more simple, and they drew a picture of a Seawig. Lovely!

Thanks for everyone who's taken part so far! Also, news today, there's a new spooky comics anthology coming out called BOO!, including work by Gary Northfield and Jamie Smart, which is all very intriguing! Find out more on the Forbidden Planet International blog here.


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Alison Mutton
Oct. 31st, 2013 03:07 pm (UTC)
Halloween seems to be an excuse for lecturing down here; the paper has been full of grumpy people complaining about how Halloween is taking off in Australia (today trick or treating was likened to Mafia protection rackets) and how it will all end in ARMAGEDDON. Such people clearly have no fun! If I'd been going to a party I would have enjoyed dressing up in something flamboyant, but as it was I just pulled out my vampire bat pendant that only gets an outing once a year – and that got me a very long lecture on the evils of Halloween when I went dog-walking! Nowhere is safe! (Also, bats kill people and I should not be advocating them. Good thing she didn't notice the bats stamped on my fingernails!)

I did make monster chocolate crackles though, which seemed to go down well with the small group of trick or treaters we got – no boys, though, and I'm sure my maggot monsters would have gone down well with them. =P
Nov. 1st, 2013 11:30 am (UTC)
Oh no, the killjoys! :( And bats are super-cute and scientifically interesting, even if socially problematic. I hope you had a good Hallowe'en, despite all that!
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